The Graphic Design capstone is the bookend for those in the selective Central Michigan University program. We get to utilize the entire gallery space on campus and create a show for whatever the class decides. Our graduating class voted on the concept of "Out Of Place." This idea was flushed out and brought to the table by my dear colleague Raegen and I. Together we started creating the overall look and feel. With selected student teams we were able to produce an outstanding show before graduation. I led as project manager, overall identity manager, and "floater" to all the attributing teams. 
All in all the capstone show was a collaborative effort on all accords, and I am so proud to have been a key component.
- Photoshop - Illustrator - InDesign - Lightroom - Asana - Mural - 
Logo and Identity sheet for compressed logo, and additional assets
Posters made for the event, 1 large and 2 small to show off every student in the program
The way I designed, my wall of the gallery: Introduction and Place Attachment. Then as it came to production some small changes occurred making it fit for the gallery
Postcard sent to family and friends
Additional walls collaborated on with Jamie, Raegen and Quinn as the Gallery Group
My contributions to the grid wall
Portfolio Room designed layout by Raegen
Process: Raegen, Bri and I spent an all-nighter in the gallery!

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