I am a board member of the nonprofit Teenage Musicals Inc. (TMI) in Midland, MI. TMI is a free summer theater program meant to be an inclusive theater experience for those 13 to 23 years old. They do a musical every year, and recently added the Hath Summer Players who put on tight-knit casted plays. I had previously been student president, and an active performer with TMI in the past having nothing but great experiences. I knew I wanted to continue with their community outreach of performance art even when I couldn't be on stage anymore. They asked me to create logos for the 60th anniversary shows for the summer of 2022, along with a logo for The Hath Summer Players. Logos made were used for apparel, posters, programs, and signage.
- Illustrator - InDesign -
Music Man logo and poster created
Mouse Trap logos and poster created
Hath Summer Players logo creation - new theater company under the umbrella of TMI (Chosen logo is on the left)
Program cover design

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