This project won a Silver Student Addy Award for App Design in 2022
This app is designed for couples that never want to forget an important 'date.' Never miss an anniversary, a gift, a holiday, a spontaneous date, or anything lovey, ever again! The app is designed and curated for every individual couple; with fully customizableĀ auto messages, date reminders, calendarsĀ and so much more. The app has location services to help find a date-spot wherever you are with a "spontaneous" option, and even has delivery options for photos, flowers, and small doo-dads! Explore what DateNight has to offer.
- Illustrator - XD - Photoshop -
This is the opening page of the app and the home screen once inside. Watch the video for a quick walk-through of the app's entirety
Calendar options and date ideas
Gift, location, and reminder pages

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