Our client, WoMa Bazaar ended up with 2nd place in the overall New Venture Competition
WoMa Bazaar was a client from the entrepreneurship program asking for a logo and identity to compete in a "SharkTank-style" competition called New Venture. WoMa Bazaar's concept is a farmer market setup for startup businesses to tryout different cities, demographics, and get a feel of the response customers would have before committing to a brick and mortar. Glorified storage containers, food trucks, etc. would be set up and rented out to others to utilize to test their own entrepreneurship ideas. I was on a team with three other Graphic Design students at Central Michigan University. With my logo and identity chosen, we then created assets for business cards, concept designs, and much more. It definitely gave them an edge for the competition earning them a top spot in the event! 
- Photoshop - Illustrator - InDesign - 
Signage created for promoting WoMa Bazaar and a arched sign meant for the competition booth
Identity and logo creation
Pictures from the New Venture Competition Event on Central Michigan University’s campus
Preliminary logo and identity options before landing on the set design
Other assets created by fellow team members using my logo and identity 

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