The summer of 2022 I was kept rather busy. I was a part of 3 internships; The Midland Community Center Marketing team for Races/New Building, The Breaking Bread Village for social media management, and SPACE Inc. as graphic designer for business assets/social media curator and manager.
I created posters, email blasts, copy, and press releases for the races put on by the Community Center as an intern. I also would do social media coverage on events happening around the same time.
I created a color sheet for the upcoming building being made for the Community Center, and even did a window mural for the special occasion.
The Breaking Bread Village is a business of starting conversations; with podcasts, outreach, events, and much more. I was in charge of just posting social media content and analytics from the platforms TBBV utilized.
SPACE Inc. is an office interior design company in which I interned for graphic design, social media, and other artistic ventures. I created posts, posters, gifs, presentations, and other assets the business still utilize to this day

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