In February of 2022 I was the recipient of 3 Student Addy Awards from the Bay Area Chapter. I earned 2 Gold for a Transit Campaign and Poster, along with a Silver award for an app design. This was my first time ever winning an award outside of a school setting, and I hope it will not be my last. 
The ceremony was a great place for networking, and truly making new friends and new connections. I earned my first of three internships at this event for the soon-to-come summer. It was at this event went I knew I was pursuing my passion. I hope to one day earn an Addy Award with a firm and title under my belt. 
I was able to attend with my dad, and it was a great bonding opportunity over popcorn, sharp awards, and having him meet my Professor/Mentor Clark Most. We had a long drive to Chicago right after the event and continued the memory I will cherish forever. 
Nothing like White Castle on the outskirts of Chicago at 2am after winning 3 awards.

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