For Advertising students at Central Michigan University the Advertising Capstone is what brings it all together. We received the real-world client, Kitty Poo Club, to make a marketing/advertising campaign utilizing all we have learned through years in the advertising program. This client is a litter/litter box subscription company that uses a reinforced cardboard box to sustainably care for your cat's litter and get rid of the need to power-wash a typical plastic litter box, while also aiding in the need to go to the store every month to purchase litter. Our objective was to create a campaign to "up" brand awareness and stress the easy-to-use product's many advantages.  
This capstone project took the advertising graduating class and created teams to compete for the client, Kitty Poo Club. I was deemed Project Manager/Team Lead for my group, Pierced Media, and we ended up winning the client with the below campaign idea(s)
- Photoshop - InDesign - Illustrator - PowerPoint -
This is a video ad I created for the client: to give an easy to understand way to describe our client
This is a in-store display and gift-card option I presented as an option to broaden their reach since so far they are ONLY online
These are some additional items that could be sold or used for PR packages during the campaign: Take A Load Off
This is a rough draft video ad I created for the client to go along with the campaign: Take A Load Off
A social media competition idea I came up with
These are some assets created by other members in the group with guidance on what can be either a part of the campaign or aid in additional ventures via social/print
Below is the packet given to the client highlighting each aspect of the campaign, additional research, and ideas. This packet goes into detail about the above elements created for the client. 

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